Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler Reviews – Looking for an Expert Opinion?

Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler Reviews

If you are looking for a wine cooler that will store and preserve your favorite bottles at the perfect temperature, then you should check out Smith & Hanks. This quality brand of coolers has been on the market for quite some time now, with many customers providing rave reviews about their performance and value.

Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler Reviews

By reading this post, you’ll get to learn more about what makes this particular brand so popular among consumers as well as how Smith & Hanks can help keep your wines fresh and cool all year round. So pour yourself a glass (or two) of vino while we dig deeper into our review of Smith & Hanks wine coolers!

Features and Benefits of Smith and Hanks Wine Coolers

Features and Benefits of Smith and Hanks Wine Coolers:

1. Dual Temperature Zones: Smith and Hanks Wine Coolers come with two separate temperature zones allowing you to store red and white wines at their optimal temperatures. This ensures that your wines are always ready to serve at the perfect temperature.

2. Quiet Operation: Their wine coolers are designed to operate quietly, so you won’t be disturbed by any unnecessary noise.

3. High-Capacity: Their wine coolers come in different sizes ranging from 32 bottles to 166 bottles, so you can choose the perfect one for your wine collection.

4. Sleek Design: Smith and Hanks wine coolers feature a sleek design that will fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen or home bar.

5. LCD Display: Their wine coolers come with an easy-to-read LCD display that shows you the temperature and other important information about your wine collection.

6. Versatility: Smith and Hanks wine coolers are not just for storing wine, but can also be used to store other beverages such as beer, soda, and bottled water.

7. Long-lasting Quality: Their wine coolers are built with high-quality materials that are designed to last and withstand the test of time.

In summary, Smith and Hanks wine coolers offer a range of features and benefits that make them a top choice for wine enthusiasts. From their dual temperature zones, quiet operation, energy efficiency, high-capacity, sleek design, LCD, UV protection, versatility, and long-lasting quality, to their exceptional customer support, Smith and Hanks wine coolers are an excellent investment for anyone who values their wine collection.

Pros & Cons of Using a Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler

Smith and Hanks wine coolers are one of the most popular brands in the market for wine fridges. Here are the pros and cons of using one, based on customer reviews on Amazon:

Pros & Cons of Using a Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler


1. Keeps wine at the right temperature: Many customers have praised the Smith and Hanks wine cooler for its ability to maintain the right temperature for their wine. Whether you prefer red or white wine, this fridge offers the perfect storage solution for an enjoyable wine-drinking experience.

2. Sleek design: The sleek design of the wine cooler is another aspect that many customers appreciate. The black stainless steel finish is a beautiful addition to any home décor. The interior lighting also adds a nice touch.

3. Quiet operation: Unlike many other wine coolers, this one runs quietly. This is a great feature for those who plan to keep it in their living space.

4. Large capacity: The Smith and Hanks wine cooler comes in a variety of sizes, from 32 to 166 bottle capacities. This means that you can choose the perfect size for your wine collection.


1. Expensive: The price of this wine cooler is a potential downside for some customers. It is one of the more expensive brands on the market for wine coolers.

2. Limited shelving options: some wine coolers come with a set number of shelves, which means that you cannot adjust them to fit larger bottles. This can be a drawback for those who prefer to store non-standard-sized bottles.

Overall, the Smith and Hanks wine cooler is a great investment for wine enthusiasts who are willing to spend a little extra for a quality product. It has its drawbacks, but the pros outweigh the cons for many customers.


Does a Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler come with a warranty?

Yes, Smith and Hanks Wine Coolers come with a warranty. The warranty covers the product for a certain period, usually 1 year depending on the model, and protects against any manufacturing defects or malfunctioning parts. The Smith and Hanks customer service team is also available to offer assistance with any repairs that may be needed during this time. Additionally, they provide instructions on how to properly maintain the wine cooler to extend its lifespan and keep it running optimally.

How does the temperature control work on a Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler?

The Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler utilizes a thermostat and advanced cooling technology to accurately monitor and regulate the temperature of the cooler. The cooler comes equipped with adjustable racks that allow you to customize the shelf heights to accommodate different bottle sizes, while an interior fan helps ensure even temperature distribution throughout the interior.

Additionally, the cooling unit features digital temperature control dials so you can precisely adjust and maintain optimal temperatures for red, white, rosé, or sparkling wines. With its precise temperature range (41-66°F), Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler can keep your favorite wines stored at the perfect temperature.

Can I store red wine in my Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler?

Yes, you can store red wine in your Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler. Red wine is best stored at a temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so the temperature control features of this particular cooler are ideal for properly storing your favorite red wines. The controlled environment will help to preserve the flavor, bouquet, complexity, and texture of the wine as it ages.

Additionally, this cooler can help ensure that all of your red wines are served at the perfect temperature. With its adjustable shelves and storage capacity, you can be sure to fit in all of your bottles comfortably as well.


The Smith and Hanks wine cooler has something for everyone. From its wide array of temperature settings to its compact design, the product is ideal for those looking to save space but enjoy a refreshing glass of wine or two. Consumers should also take into account that the product’s cooling capabilities are top-notch as well, making it a must-have for both novice and experienced drinkers of all ages.

Plus, Smith and Hanks offer a variety of customer support options in addition to generous return policies, assuring customers that their purchase is secure. To sum up, this product stands out from the competition when it comes to quality, reliability, and affordability – making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a few different wines at their fingertips.

We’d like to thank our readers for taking the time to read our review of Smith and Hanks Wine Cooler. We hope you found it helpful in learning more about what this product can offer you. If you have any questions or comments about the review then please feel free to reach out to us! For more wine fridge buying guides and useful information on these products and wines, visit our website.

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